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The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation Varsinais-Suomi District

Who we are

The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) is the largest non-governmental organisation for environmental protection and nature conservation in Finland. Varsinais-Suomi district is one of its fifteen county-based district organisations in Finland. In addition, there are several active local associations within the district, for example in Turku, Kaarina and Salo.

The president of the board of Varsinais-Suomi district is Saija Porramo. District chief is Hannu Klemola. Other members in the board  include experts in nature or environment field, and just people interested in nature. Many started as volunteers in a local association.

There is an easy-going and friendly atmosphere in our district. Anyone is welcome to join, and there are many ways you can participate, depending on your own interests.

What we do

The purpose of the district is to protect the environment and nature in Varsinais-Suomi. Sometimes it means issuing statements, sometimes organising training or environmental activities. We keep an eye on local land-use planning and inform the public about current environmental issues. In addition, we organise externally funded projects from time to time.

At the moment we concentrate on forest, clean water, agricultural heritage, wind power, environmental education and species observation. For example, because of our efforts, so far almost two square kilometres of forest has been protected. In our water group, we organise communal work and projects to preserve aquatic ecosystems and to protect species whose future depends on them. We also do our bit to preserve local agricultural heritage both in the Turku archipelago and in mainland.

Jungfruskär is one of the most beautiful islands in the archipelago. Volunteers are collecting hay andpreserving agricultural heritage.

How to join

Anyone is welcome to join our community; you do not necessarily need to be a member of FANC. You can do what you like to do best – take photos, write the district letter to members, draw logos, publish videos online about our events… you name it! New ideas are always appreciated and there is something to do for everyone.

A good way to start is to drop by at our office and come to chat with us. You’ll have the chance to learn more about what’s going on in our district and discuss what you would like to do. Please send Hannu an e-mail (in English, Swedish or Finnish) to arrange a meeting over a cup of coffee!

At the moment, we do not have many activities in English or Swedish, but you are welcome to join even if you speak just a little Finnish.


Contact information

Our office is situated in Martinkatu 5, Turku. It is usually open on weekdays 9-16. Give Hannu Klemola a call just to make sure someone is there before you come!

Hannu Klemola: +358 40-372 5301 / e-mail: varsinais-suomi (at)